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our story

Image by Rizky Subagja

     We are a veteran and healthcare worker owned family business. My wife and I have always had this wonderful dream to start a business where we could work together as a family. With our boys growing up and our nest starting to empty we felt the time was now to make our dreams come true.

     The number one question we get is what is the meaning of our Cafe name. The name came to mind when we were talking about visiting Italy again one day. Back in 2005, we were stationed in Gaeta, Italy and the street we lived on was named Via Montebello. So hence the name Montebello Cafe.  

     We started this journey with the goal of making sure everyone that visited Montebello leaves with a smile. Now we knew we couldn't guarantee everyone will leave with a smile, but we wanted to do our best to ensure everyone is at least happy by the time they walked out. 

     Start your pursuit of happiness with a cup of happiness, no matter the time or day if you are looking for a tasty smoothie, a pick me up espresso, a spot to grab a snack, or just hangout (FREE WIFI), Montebello Cafe is the place!

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